The Importance of Flossing

"Do I Need to Floss?"

This is a question we often get asked here at BayBreeze Dental. 

And, the short answer is yes, flossing is an important part of preventive dentistry

Here's why: 

A toothbrush can't reach the space in between your teeth where plaque can build up in time. This can lead to serious dental problems, such as periodontitis.

By brushing and flossing daily you remove plaque and bacteria that grows in your mouth, as well as parts of foods that remain in between teeth. This way, bacteria are stopped from eating away the enamel and increasing the chances of getting cavities. 

The Benefits of Flossing

Many people do not take into consideration the importance of flossing, and they do not include it in their oral health care routine. Brushing and flossing do not substitute each other. They complement each other resulting in a cleaner, healthier mouth. 

  • Flossing is a preventive step in your dental health. When done properly, this simple step in your dental care routine can remove food debris and with it the bacteria that can cause cavities;
  • It prevents tartar from build-up. If teeth are not properly cleaned, plaque starts to grow on them and turn into tartar. This then affects the aspect of your teeth and your gum’s health;
  • It prevents bad breath resulting from the bacteria accumulated in your mouth. That can also lead to infections;
  • It prevents gum disease. Plaque doesn’t just affect the teeth; it also affects the gums creating infections and inflammation. This results in periodontal disease affecting your teeth, gums, and roots. This is the main cause of teeth loss in adults as the roots are not able to support the teeth anymore. And, if you are missing any teeth, your jaw bone will be affected as well as it's not stimulated anymore; 

A confident smile goes a long way, and flossing is an easy and accessible way to show it. Flossing will not only help you keep your teeth clean and beautiful, but also keep them healthy.

Is It Better to Floss Before Brushing?

It doesn’t matter the order, as long as you go through both steps. Some people prefer to do it before brushing, others after. The importance is to do it every day and make it a part of your oral hygiene. 

Also, there is no such thing as flossing too much. You only need to focus on doing it correctly.

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