Common Misconceptions About Dental Veneers Debunked

The world of cosmetic dentistry is exciting, transformative, and, unfortunately, often misunderstood.

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How Does Dental Bonding Compare To Other Cosmetic Dental Procedures In Terms Of Cost And Effectiveness?

When considering cosmetic dental procedures, it’s important to weigh both the cost and effectiveness of each option.

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Should I Brush My Teeth Before Or After Breakfast?

Brushing your teeth as soon as you wake up effectively removes this plaque and reduces the acidity in your mouth, protecting your teeth from erosion and decay.

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Why Investing in Your Smile is Worth Every Penny

Here are 5 extra reasons why investing in your oral health and smile aesthetics is truly worth it.

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11 of The Best Kept Secrets: Rules to live by For Invisalign

Are you interested in Invisalign, but still looking for more information? Read our 11 best kept secrets for how to live with Invisalign.

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My Overdenture Is Broken, Can It Be Repaired?

It is possible for overdentures to fail or break. So you may be wondering if it's possible to repair them, find out in this blog!

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Can X-Rays Increase Your Risk of Cancer?

Read this blog from BayBreeze Dental to find out if x-rays are harmful and what precautions are taken in the dental office.

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Do I Really Need A Dental Night Guard? Is It Worth It?

From it being uncomfortable and strange at first to issues with intimacy, wearing a night guard may be something you’d like to avoid. So you’re likely wondering: is it really necessary? Find out in this blog!

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The Importance of Flossing

This is a question we often get asked here at BayBreeze Dental. And, the short answer is yes, flossing is an important part of preventive dentistry.

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Smile Again With Cosmetic Dentistry!

Broken, chipped, discolored, misaligned, or worn teeth can affect how you smile and negatively impact your personal life. Luckily, with the help of dentistry advancements such as cosmetic dentistry, your smile, appearance, and confidence can be restored.

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Your Options for Avoiding Pain at the Dentist

Still afraid of experiencing pain at the dentist? Trust us, the experts at BayBreeze Dental, with your dental care needs.

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Welcome to BayBreeze Dental!

Native to Florida, Dr. Parikh feels honored to care for the wonderful people in Wesley Chapel every day. With his practice philosophy founded on patient education, open communication...

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